The Importance of Travel and Sustainability

By Nancy Molina

Traveling provides us with a deep connection and a greater understanding of the world, it’s a time where you can learn more about yourself and the others you will encounter.

As we see it, the conservation of the species, the environment, the people, the culture and the communities are absolutely crucial. Without this understanding we will drive a part of tourism that is destructive and selfish but the consequences of a world without Tourism can be devastating for entire communities and countries (as we have seen with the global pandemic).

Across Southern Africa, nature tourism generates the same revenue as farming, fishery and forestry all combine.

375000 direct jobs of which 70% are women and 60% youth.

8.7% of total South African exports, 2nd only to mining. 

The world:
8 billion visits: to the world’s national parks and nature reserves a year, generating US$600 billion in tourism expenditure annually.

292 million: people employed in travel and tourism, which means 1 in 10 jobs in the world is generated by tourism.

US$7.6 trillion: total contribution made by travel and tourism to the global economy.

What these numbers tell us is that travel and tourism means a great deal to the local economy…and that travel and tourism can contribute tremendously in the development of the emerging markets like South Africa and Peru.

Sometimes it seems as humans we are ready to take and destroy everything that we encounter – whether we want to acknowledge it or not.
However on the other hand we cannot underestimate the power of informing ourselves better and being intentional about the impact we have in our surroundings and the world. The positive impact we can create as a result is endless.

If we can protect and conserve the wildlife and wild places of the world we will ensure that more generations can enjoy them as well…

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Travel and Sustainability

  1. Exactly! Imagine a world where our future generations couldn’t experience a world similar to ours because we ruined it for them! Travel and conservation can go hand in hand, education and action is what is necessary to help us handle the problem!


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