Our story…

Engagement picture in Patagonia

It all started in Kenya in May of 2012, at a work conference. Little did we know this first meeting was only the beginning of the rest of our lives together.

After our first meeting we did the long distance thing for 2 years traveling to some of the greatest destinations like: South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Canada, Patagonia in Argentina, Thailand (this in between our jobs as international tour guides) just to see each other for a few days.

We tied the knot in Peru in October 2014 and we moved to South Africa, have traveled & explored numerous countries together to once again realise that travel is part of who we are and an absolute passion that we share. 

Domestic or international, weekend or month – we grab every opportunity to travel and explore locally and globally. All forms of accommodation and experiences are welcome although we do favour the outdoors, cultural and adventure travel above all.

Moving to South Africa…

In December 2014 after galavanting the world for a few years we figured we needed a place to call home. At the time a great work opportunity presented itself to GP in South Africa. Without much hesitation we were off to our next adventure at the Southern most tip of the African continent.

Our annual trip to the bushveld, we stayed at Karongwe Private Game Reserve for this trip in 2018
Staying at Karongwe Private Game Reserve in one of our annual trips to the bushveld.

South Africa is one of the most diverse and amazing countries you can ever visit, we have completely fell in love with its people, culture(s), wildlife and landscapes. We spend most of our time planning our next destination within the country and use every opportunity to explore our surroundings.

From hiking Table Mountain or camping in the Cederberg to safari trips into Kruger and Kgalagadi National parks, the wine region of the Western Cape and the blue sky deserts of the Karoo, South Africa has so much to offer and we want to share it with you!

Meet Nancy

Nancy learning how to sail in Santorini, Greece
Learning how to sail in Santorini, Greece

I was born in Argentina but grew up in Peru, in a small city in the middle of the Andes: Cusco at 3000 masl.

My family and I spent most of my childhood traveling between Peru and Argentina to visit family in both countries, these trips installed the sense of exploration in me and the confidence to start traveling by myself later in life.

I always knew I wanted to see the world and I found the means for it by studying Tourism Management at the local University in Cusco and fell in love with the idea of how the travel industry can bring positive change to the world.

I am the first one in family that learnt how to speak English (and other languages) and to travel to a different continent.

In my free time I enjoy hiking, drawing and painting, making videos, learning anything digital and a good glass of wine.

Meet GP

GP exploring Wellington in New Zealand
Exploring Wellington, New Zealand

As I run through the memories in my mind it is hard to imagine how much has happened over the years.

Born and bred in South Africa, I grew up on a farm in the Free State province, later moving to the Western Cape where I finished school.

Completing my Tourism Management studies in Stellenbosch, a brief stint in the wine industry and then onto African roads leading overland camping trips in Southern and East Africa.

Moving to Cape Town and starting in the Operations department for G Adventures SA, being part of the core team to start-up a business that lead to years of experience in people & logistics management and many more adventures.

I enjoy 4×4 driving, exercising, craft beer, good coffee, wildlife photography and cooking anything on the fire.

Our lives in 3 minutes (more or less)

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