Hello, we are Nancy & GP!

Welcome to
Explore Inspire Repeat!

We are a Peruvian/South African couple, passionate travellers living in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our journey in travel started living pretty extraordinary lives… when we used to travel the world for a living by leading trips in South America and Southern/East Africa.

We believe travel can positively impact the world and it can change the lives of people for the better. It changed ours!

And now… back to business…

What is this travel blog about?

We started this website as a passion project in 2019. Both me (Nancy) and GP have been in travel for a long time, living out of our backpacks and gallivanting the world. We both knew how awesome travel is and with our passion for guiding and sharing knowledge we figure out we needed a space to share from our personal experiences.

A photo of us from when GP came to Peru to meet my family for the first time (2013)

EXPLORE INSPIRE REPEAT is a blog for fellow explorers, travel/tourism enthusiasts and adventure seekers who want to experience what this beautiful planet has to offer.

In this blog you will find articles about:

Adventure travel (hiking, camping, climbing, 4×4, you name it!).
Sustainable tourism.
Travel guides (starting with South Africa).
Off the beaten path destinations & experiences.
Great pictures from our adventures to more than 45 countries.
– As well as insights and reflections of the tourism industry as travel professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Traveling and living more sustainably is something we strive for as we have come to realise the impact we all have on our environment and our communities.

Check the following resources:

Our blog

Travel blog

We love exploring off the beaten trek, immersing ourselves in the travel experience and sharing these passions through story telling.

Looking for travel advice, new destinations to visit, what to do in South Africa or just good reading? Check our blog.

We write from the heart, hopefully you will find it helpful.

Patagonia land scape. Sustainability.


Travel provides us with a deep connection and a greater understanding of the world.

As we see it, the conservation of the species, the environment, the people, the cultures and the communities are absolutely crucial.

Want to learn a bit more about how to become a more conscious and responsible traveller? Discover how here.

Travel photography.


One picture is worth a thousand words…

There is something special about capturing a moment and sharing it with others.

We have selected a few of our favourite shots from our trips around the world. Click to get travel inspiration in our gallery.


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Our latest videos

Link to Youtube video: Devil's peak hike

Iconic Devil’s Peak Hike

Check out this iconic Cape Town hike with us and some friends.

Link to Youtube video: West Coast NP

West Coast NP
Flower season

Every year a natural phenomenon takes place in the West Coast.

Link to Youtube video: Road trip to Agulhas

Road trip to Agulhas

Road trip with us to Cape Agulhas, the Southern Most Tip of Africa.

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